Shutaro Takeda

Shutaro Takeda, Ph.D.

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(Paper) Limitation of fusion power plant installation on future power grids under the effect of renewable and nuclear power sources


Future power grids would be unstable because of the larger share of renewable and nuclear power sources. This instability might bring some additional difficulties to fusion plant installation. Therefore, the authors carried out a quantitative feasibility study from the aspect of grid stability through simulation. Results showed that the more renewable and nuclear sources are linked to a grid, the greater disturbance the grid experiences upon a sudden output interruption of a fusion power plant, e.g. plasma disruption. The frequency deviations surpassed 0.2 Hz on some grids, suggesting potential limitations of fusion plant installation on future grids. To clearly show the suggested limitations of fusion plant installations, a novel diagram was presented.


Fusion Engineering and Design, Volumes 109–111, Part B, 1 November 2016, Pages 1754-1758